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I grew up in Anaheim, from age 4 to 21. But in all honesty it never really felt like home, this became even more clear when I moved to Ventura, which actually did feel like home.

My mom, one best friend, and Disneyland are the only things that keep me tethered to the city that never really fit me, nor I it. But with the months long closure of Disneyland, and the recent mass lay offs, for the first time I feel a little home sick, and grieved for Anaheim.

The design

Anaheim is of course synonymous with Disneyland, and my favorite Disney aesthetic is vintage Disney! Given that early Disneyland existed in the 50s and 60s and those are my favorite vintage eras, it makes perfect sense.

So to represent Anaheim, I wanted to do it with a Vintage Disney flare, and what better way than with the style of the early entrance signs. Even though the name on the sign changes it’s still recognizable, that’s what makes it so iconic.

I love the pastels (or are am I just looking at faded photos!?) and simple geometry of the early signs, they’re so bright and hopeful. Easter egg: I borrowed clouds from my Full House tiny home parody design.

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