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Awesome Sauce

I love the phrase Awesome Sauce, it’s so up-beat and cheerful. Food related themes are among my favorite designs to work on, second only to Pop Culture themes. So naturally I ran with the “sauce” aspect of the phrase and imagined Awesome Sauce as an actual condiment.

I figured that if Awesome Sauce was an actual condiment it would be a guilty pleasure that you got a fast food restaurant. And one day it would go out of production but people would be so nostalgic for it that individual packets would sell on eBay for crazy high prices. But some clever and crafty folks would figure out imitation recipes Awesome Sauce, and put it on Pinterest. And some of those people would write incredibly long back stories that we’d have to scroll through forever just to get to those recipes. But I digress.

The design

For the Awesome Sauce design I went with a whimsical look that felt right at home at a fast food restaurant. Naturally I chose red and yellow, the ultimate fast food color combination. Think McDonalds, Carl’s Jr., In ‘n Out, Burger King, need I go on?

Always a stickler for thorough research I went to In ‘n Out, the only worthy fast food hamburger in my opinion, to get Ketchup packets. I wanted to make sure I had the dimensions of a quintessential condiment packet correct, and all of my online  research only provided dimensions for bulk boxes of packets. So I grabbed a #2 Cheeseburger combo and suffered for my art.

I love easter eggs in my designs and had a lot of fun writing the Awesome Sauce ingredients. I also try to incorporate the phrase Yum Yum into my foodie designs, because it’s the cutest sounding phrase and also my nephew’s nickname. And all of this came together perfectly thanks to the adorable and whimsical Quirky Spring font.

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