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Baby Ruth Bader Ginsburg

Court is now in session, the honorable Baby Ruth Bader Ginsburg presiding. The most famous Superior Court Judge, RBG, is a force to be reckoned with and a shinning feminist icon. At 86 years old, well past reasonable retirement age, she’s devoting her career and life to serving justice and being a voice for female rights.

Much like, but also very different from, Betty White, RBG has amassed a cult like following, becoming an icon in her own right. TV and movies are often filled with one-dimensional, characters, especially female characters. Which is not a comment on females, but how they are written and portrayed. So it only makes since that such a dynamic and powerful figure would stand out like a beacon.

The design

I wanted to do a RBG design, one thing that came to mind was “Baby Ruth” a familiar name because of the candy bar. And how cute would it be to make a baby version of such a prominent American figure. RBG has such an iconic aesthetic, and manages to look unique in a black smock.

Her unmistakable wardrobe made a simplified baby kawaii version of her possible. And of course I had to throw in a baby gavel rattle to really sell the assimilation.

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