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Boba is Life

First introduced to boba by roommates a few years ago, when their favorite boba shop was opening a location close to our house and insisted I we check it out. Of course I got cookie’s and cream, because the cookie’s and cream version of anything is always the best! I was terrified I would choke on a boba, especially those pesky ones that you have to coax out of the straw. I’ll admit, wasn’t an instant fan, but some months later I gave it another try and I was hooked!

What can I say, Boba is Life! It’s always fun to introduce friends and family to it if they’ve never tried it before. Most are hesitant, but those who are daring are always glad they tried.

The design

I’ve wanted to do a boba illustration for a long time and I was inspired by John Oate’s Tatt’d up illustration and that classic tattoo look. I had a LOT of fun with this one and I feel like it helped me grow as an illustrator.

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