spiffybee pop culture swag burn book cover

Burn Book

Mean Girls is a great movie, it’s not just a teen flick, it’s funny, enduring and smart. Okay, maybe adult males won’t get that much out of it, but I think it’s very profound. At it’s core it’s not just about being a teenager in high school, but how we relate to our peers at any age, how we long to fit in and sometimes deny our true selves to do so. The movie of course is extremely quotable and iconic, possibly the most iconic part of the movie and even the crux of the story is the Burn Book. The Burn Book in many ways is the manifestation of how hurtful words and accusations even those intended to be kept secret can be damaging.

The design

I didn’t take many liberties with design, because I wanted it to look and feel like a vector version of the book from the movie. The pink, black and white colors or so 2004. And the font looks like it was cut straight out of an issue of Cosmo girl.

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