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Carpinteria is small beach town in between Ventura and Santa Barbara. Known for its beautiful bluffs overlooking the Pacific Ocean and its annual Avocado Festival. Carp, as it is affectionately known, is also a popular spot for antique shoppers and tech companies. It is quite the conundrum.

The design

As part of my locals only series, I wanted to commemorate Carpinteria. I started working at a company in Carp recently and felt inspired to do a design. I wanted to step outside of my comfort zone on this one in terms of colors. I wanted to go with a bright, electric 80s surfer shirt feel. I also wanted to try another monoline design, which is a style I love playing with. So I combined a monoline design with a bright color palette in an offset print style

As for the elements, I wanted to have a stronger, more literal emphasis on beach that my Ventura design. But I also wanted to elude to something else about Carp, it’s Avocado festival. So I subtly incorporated the oblong oval shape of an avocado — do you see it now? With the setting sun, doubling as the avocado seed — how about now, can you see it!?

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