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Julie Andrews plays the “cheeky” Mary Poppins so well. Even though she plays a nanny just like she does in The Sound of Music, the two characters are very different. Mary Poppins has a cold outer shell but is sweet deep down. Maria, her character in Sound of Music has a much softer personality.

Both movies and characters are phenomenal, and even though Mary Poppins is stern (never cross!), we get to see how the Banks children warm her heart.

The design

I love my first Mary Poppins inspired design, you could say it’s Practically Perfect in Every Way. So I wanted to borrow from that iconic measuring tape aesthetic because it so strongly conveys nostalgia for the movie.

I was hoping that there would be common letters in both designs, but all I had to work with was a script letter ‘Y’ which I re-used. However the rest was hand lettered to resemble the original hand lettering the best I could.

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