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Cookie Heart

The Cookie Heart design is inspired in part by Paula’s nickname for Rebecca Bunch on the show Crazy Ex-Girlfriend, and also because I started calling one of my nephews cookie, because honestly, how cute of a nickname is that!? I love subtle designs that elude to a favorite show or movie, one that only true finds will pick up on. It’s a great way to make a new instant friend.

First a heart shaped pretzel, now a heart shaped cookie, and of course there’s my kawaii sushi design. I guess that means that food is cute and I love it.

The design

I originally was going to make a chocolate chip cookie heart in a tattoo style, but I felt ho-hum about it because I didn’t know if that was the right look for it. And then it occurred to me how much I love the surprisingly ornate design on the top of Oreos, this was the inspiration I needed.

Although it’s probably true that chocolate chip cookies are more universally icon symbol of cookies, for instance I don’t know if Oreos are even recognizable outside of the US. But chocolate chip cookies are inherently organic in appearance no two are alike, and I’ve always done best with in-organic designs. What better symbol of cookiedom for me to emulate than a machine pressed one.

I love how the perfect inspiration for a design really gives it wings. I set out to create a heart shaped Oreo breaking down each element and recreating it. The cloves are made up heart shaped pedals, and the arrows and bends in the edge trim are also hearts.

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