Crazy Hearts

I’m just a designer in love with the show Crazy Ex-Girlfriend, I can’t be held responsible for how many of my designs are inspired by this show. (I’m quoting the season 2 opening theme song for any one who may be terribly confused by that sentence.) I could wax poetically for hours on how amazing, unique and inspired this show is.

Here’s my meet cute for this show… I went to a friend’s comedy show in Ventura, and George (Danny Jolles) was the closing act, and he was fantastic. I remember thinking, man it’s too bad I haven’t seen this show I’d be totally psyched to see this guy. So I decided I’ll check it out eventually.

… Then, I went to see the Parks and Recreation panel at Paley Fest. They showed overviews of all the shows that had panels that year. Of course the Crazy Ex-Girlfriend reel had clips of musical numbers, and it blew my mind, a comedy musical tv show!? I asked someone next to me about the show, “is it really a musical, like every episode”. They said there were 2-3 songs an episode and that it was a great show.

So then I had to see it for myself. I watched the pilot the next day and was instantly hooked. There are so many tv sitcom reboots of movies, and movie adaptions of tv shows, and reboots of reboots, that it’s refreshing to experience an honest and original show.

The design

Crazy Ex-Girlfriend is all about love, the romantic kind, the kind between friends and the kind of love we should have for ourselves. So I wanted to frame moments, icons from the show in the shape of a heart. The hearts represent a few of my favorites songs from the show including “Love Kernels”, “The Math of Love Triangles”, “Let’s Generalize about Men”, “Without Love You Can Save the World”, “You Stupid B***”, “Eleven O’clock” and “Heavy Boobs”.

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