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CXG West Covina Fake 5K

This CXG West Covina Fake 5K design is for all my Crazy Ex-Girlfriend fans! It’s a Fake 5K shirt! It looks like you ran a “Rocktoberfest 5K” in CXG’s version of West Covina. I painstakingly vectorized/re-created logos from the show as sponsors for the 5K, because “We have sponsors, we definitely have sponsors!” Only fans of the show will know it isn’t a real 5K!

A sequel of sorts to my Parks and Rec Fake 5K shirt, this design borrows from the same immersive concept. Good TV shows create their own universe, and more so than wearing a boring shirt with the name of the show, you want to offer a portal into that universe. Any non CXG fan would look at this shirt and think it’s nothing more than a runner’s shirt from a random 5K. But a true Crazy Ex-Girlfriend will pick up on it immediately, and be delighted.

The design

Designs like this are tedious, so I only do it for shows that I REALLY love. However, I will say that it is great exercise in Adobe Illustrator, and overall design principals. I lot of the logos were re-created from screenshots I took while watching the show. While I got the best shot I could, most were not on a flat plane, but had odd angles and perspectives. So I couldn’t exactly trace them, that’s when I had to make educated guesses about fonts, relative dimensions, and spacing. Not for the faint of heart! I wish I had attempted something like this when I first started learning Illustrator, I would have picked it up a lot sooner.

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