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Disneyland E Ticket

I grew up in Anaheim, so I have an inherit love for Disneyland, it’s in the water. Often when I drive from Ventura to visit I’ll leave after traffic and arrive around 9:30 where I’m lovingly welcomed to hometown with stupendous fireworks display. Sadly I write this in a time when Disneyland has been shuttered for half a year, and I’m nostalgic for the Happiest Place on Earth and a since of normalcy.

The history and lore of Disneyland is so enchanting and fascinating to me, and although I am far too young to have ever used an E Ticket, I remember my mom telling me about them. And like so much of vintage Disney and anything from that era, the design feels timeless and beautifully simplistic.

The design

In my appetite for some classic Disney I decided to reimagine the classic Disneyland E Ticket, simplify it a bit. I loved playing with this vintage esthetic, the pastels and the crisp clean font, it gave me old Monopoly card vibes.

I love sneaking easter eggs into designs, so I of course had to use the numbers to be representative of the design, like the 55c cost and the long number stamp is of course Disneyland’s opening date. Most sneakily of all, I stuck my favorite Cast Member phrase, Have a Magical Day in there as well.

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