Friends Parody

The one with the Friends parody. I was alive in the 90s, so yes, I watched Friends. Okay, that may be painted with a broad brush, but it was a pretty big thing. I didn’t get on the bandwagon until about the 4th or 5th season, you know when things started going down hill. Being that this was all before streaming, when obsessively chronological folks like me could binge a show from pilot to finale, I only caught up by sporadic re-runs. It was enough to get hooked, and invest in the characters and carrying me through the trying later seasons.

I’m sure that Friends, no matter how well it does or does not age, it will stand out as an iconic, era defining show.

The design

Originally inspired by an episode of 30 Rock when the very British Wesley Snipes mentions the UK version of Friends, called Chums. I thought it was a very funny concept and wanted to do a Friends-style logo of the word Chums. That transpired into other synonyms like Amigas, and Besties.

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