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Full House Tiny House Parody

Whatever happened to predictability, the milk man, the paperboy, even TV? Is it possible to be an 80s kid without having watched Full House? I certainly was no exception, I lived for TGIF on Friday Nights, with Full House, Family Matters, Boy Meets World, Step-by-Step, I get nostalgic just thinking about. And no, I didn’t have to google the first line of the opening credits song, I’ve got that on lock. I know the entire opening credits song for Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, if you must know!

The design

For whatever crazy reason I relate a lot of things back to TV and movies, and I thought it would be fun and creative to do tiny house parodies of recognizable houses. And what houses are more recognizable that ones from iconic TV shows, especially when houses are also a historic landmark of a famous city. I used still frames from the show and photo references to get as close to the real thing as possible while also giving it a fun flair all my own.

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