spiffybee pop culture swag Have a Magical Day Mug Color

Have a Magical Day

I grew up in Anaheim, aka Disneyland. We moved there when I was 4, I think it’s because my mom harbored a deep desire to work there since childhood. I remember my first day of Kindergarten, my mom told me we were going to lunch, and all of a sudden we were driving into the Disneyland parking lot. I asked if we could stick around after lunch and ride a few rides, she obliged.

My mom’s master plan to work at Disneyland came to fruition when I was high school, she had decided to play the long con. Any time I called in to her work to ask her something, imagine a time before texting, anytime a coworker answered the phone, they would always hand off the phone with a “Have a Magical Day.” As a teenager it seemed cheesy to me, but it’s grown on me since and thought it would make a great shirt to wear to Disneyland.

The design

I wanted a design that captured the whimsey and jubilance of Disney. There is so much attention to detail in the movies but especially their theme parks, I wanted to create something just as methodical and intentional. I love the intricacies of the letters and how they mingle with each other. The color palette was derived from the iconic Cinderella’s castle, in my hometown of Disneyland.

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