spiffybee pop culture swag Im Extra Avacado Shirt

I’m Extra Avocado

I love extra Avocado, on anything and everything. Avocado on tacos, burgers, sandwiches, sushi, Eggs Benedict, and yeah on toast, fine I said it. Is it just a California thing? Apparently avocado is California’s most popular food, not just ingredient or fruit, most popular food. But I digress.

Though my love for avocados is abundant, there are some downsides to them. The first being that they’re hard and unripe FOREVER, and then the next day they’re bruised, mushy and over ripe. The second, is that they’re “extra”, and not like .50 cents extra, but a dollar sometimes two dollars extra. I’ve often been tempted to buy an avocado at the store, take to a place that rhymes with Phapotle and add my own “extra avocado” as I’m paying at the register.

The design

Avocados are yummy but they’re essentially dark green rocks, so I wanted to give them a makeover into a cute kawaii drawing for this design. The Japanese Kawaii style, which literally means cute, makes anything look… well cute! Those big dark watery eyes, rosy cheeks, you just want to hug ’em!

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