spiffybee pop culture swag Ya Filthy Animal

Merry Christmas ya filthy animal

I don’t remember seeing Home Alone in the theater. But I do remember scouring my room for change to buy it on VHS. It was one of my favorite movies as a kid, I loved  how he drew maps. And how he came up with clever rouses to trick the would-be robbers, and MacGyvered (look it up kids) a very effective home defense.

He defeated two men much older than he, and did it with such panache. Such panache is no more evident than his famous line, “Merry Christmas ya filthy Animal”.

The design

I wanted to try some fun and festive typography for this design, something that looked great plain and also in an ugly sweater style. I chose the awesome Freeday Font to achieve this look. What I love most about using this font was that there were different variations for each letter so I could choose the variation that filled the space the most eloquently. With designs like this I’m tormented by gapping holes on the inside. So I’ll sometimes manipulate letters to make them fill the space, there’s less of that when I’m able to use such a versatile font.

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