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Nobody puts baby in a corner

What can I say I’m an 80s kid, I love Dirty Dancing, and my favorite quote from the classic movie is, “Nobody puts baby in a corner.” I was inspired to do this Nobody puts baby in a corner design when I found a friend was pregnant. She has a cat named baby, so I told her if she has a girl, she should name her Kat. So she could have a cat named baby and a baby named Kat. Not sure if she’ll take my advice but maybe I can bribe her with a baby onesie.

The design

For this Nobody puts baby in a corner design I wanted to go with a fun and playful typography treatment that felt right at home on a baby onesie. I chose the versatile script font Boucherie Cursive because it has SO many different variations of each letter. This allowed me to pick the variation I found the most appealing or that fit the space the best. The Sans serif font, Watermelon, brought a child like sensibility to the rest of the quote while the script font emphasizes the word ‘baby’.

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