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Oxnard Tattoo

This Oxnard tattoo design features a strawberry because Oxnard, Calif., is known for its strawberries! Oxnard is even home to the Strawberry festival, where you can try Strawberry nachos, Strawberry salad and hundreds of other delightful concoctions.

One of the things I love most about Oxnard is the back roads that cut through agricultural fields. If the freeway is jammed, or even if I just what to take the scenic route, I take the back roads. It might be a round-a-bout way to get there, but it feels more like an experience.

I’ve lived in Oxnard for 10 years and Ventura for 3 years before that. Even though I didn’t grow up here, it really is the hometown of my heart. I’ve never gotten a tattoo, or even considered it (I hate needles), so creating this design is like my consolation tattoo.

The design

I had so much fun doing my Boba is Life design, and was inspired to try an Oxnard tattoo style design. I’m thinking it’s probably more of a tattoo meets pop art fusion, but I’m digging. SPOILER ALERT: I’ll probably do more. I used halftone dots to represent shading that is common in tattoos, but would be too photo real for the look I was going for. And I borrowed the font from Boba is Life, because it also fits my tattoo pop art vibe.

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