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Parks and Rec Fake 5K

So, did I mention I’m a huge Parks and Recreation fan!? So I thought it would be fun to create a Parks and Rec Fake 5K shirt that looked like would get after running a 5K in Pawnee, Indiana. I love how Parks and Rec has a menagerie of unique and hilarious characters that make up the fictional town of Pawneee. It really makes the town itself feel like a character.

There are a lot of shows that isolate their characters, and confine them to primarily interact with themselves. But Parks and Rec runs the gammet. And just as there are so many towns people that we meet, there are also several businesses that we become familiar with through out the life of the show. They too contribute to the realness of this fake town.

The design

This Parks and Rec Fake 5K design was truly a labor of love, first recreating all 36 logos in vector format and then meticulously illustrating four of my favorite characters, even down to their bib numbers, every detail is important. Notice how Ron Swanson’s bib number is redacted. Leslie Knope’s bid number is #1 because she was the first to sign up. Tom Haverford’s number is 007, cause he’s suave like that.

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