spiffybee pop culture swag Practically Perfect Mary Poppins

Practically Perfect in Every Way

I can remember when I was 8 years old, giver or take, and I got Mary Poppins on VHS for Christmas one year, you know the one with the big puffy plastic case. I wasn’t terribly excited to watch it, despite my affinity for Disney, because well, it wasn’t a cartoon. But after watching it, I instantly fell in love with the movie, it was truly magical. I loved Mary’s magic carpet bag, the original ultimate “mom purse”, the songs were of course amazing, the costumes, set direction and overall look and feel only added to the magic.

The design

I had a blast working out the typography on this Practically Perfect design, and creating the swirly-doos (technical term) in Procreate on my iPad Pro. I especially love this design on a towel, because it really sells the look of it being measuring tape.

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