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They All Float Down Here

They all Float Down Here. I was freaked out, nay traumatized, after watching the IT mini series that aired in the 90s. I was about 6 or 7 and watched it at a friend’s house. So this friend wanted to watched the movie in a dark room, and then would leave sporadically to watch it with her older sister and her friends on another TV in the house. This room was at the very back of their very big house at the end of a long dark hall way. I was too scared to stay put but too scared to leave the room. Can’t remember for certain but I may have turned the lights back on and changed the channel after she left the room, but maybe I’m remembering myself more clever than I was.

Oh the things that traumatize us when we’re young.

When I was in high school I decided to face my fears and read the book IT, by Stephen King. All one-thousand pages of it. Yeah, there’s a reason it was a mini-series in the 90s and two separate movies recently. That’s a lot of pages to cover. As a result of reading the book, I had reoccurring nightmares, over multiple nights, so like the mini-series version of a nightmare. I’d always forget how to defeat that damn clown.

I boldly watch the most recent movies, and am proud to report, no nightmares! Although I will probably never look at clowns or red balloons the same way again.

The design

When thinking about doing a design based on IT, I couldn’t not, incorporate a red balloon. And I wanted it to have a vintage offset print vibe that’s high contrast.

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