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Treat Yo’Self

I’m a MAJOR Parks and Recreation fan, and one of my favorite moments is Treat Yo’ Self! It’s a ridiculous concept, sure, I mean who spends hundreds of dollars to bedazzle their elbow!? But I love the idea of spending quality time with a friend and treating yo’selves to things and activities you wouldn’t normally. I “literally” celebrate October 13th, aka Treat Yo’Self day, with a friend ever year!

The design

After doing the Trick or Treat Yo’Self design, I was inspired by how great the script font, Motherline, looked and decided I should do a Treat Yo’Self design, that used the same font through out. I use the same font for my Spiffy Bee logo, but you wouldn’t know it because it’s such a diverse font. It’s subtle, but if you look carefully the color of each letter is derived from the color of the Treat Yo’Self cupcakes that Tom presents to Donna.

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