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Trick or Treat Yo’Self

I am a HUGE Parks and Rec fan, and one of my favorite things is Treat Yo’ Self! It’s a funny but also ridiculous concept, especially how extravagantly Donna and Tom blow their money, but I love the concept of spending time with a friend and treating yourselves to things and activities you wouldn’t normally. I personally celebrate October 13th, aka Treat Yo’self day, with a friend ever year, well ever year since 2018.

I thought it would be fun play on words to do a Trick or Treat Yo’Self design, given Treat Yo’Self day’s proximity to Halloween and it just plain works.

The design

For the Trick or Treat Yo’Self design I wanted a playful typography treatment. I was really happy with what I came up with, but I wanted to give it an extra kick with some Halloween iconography. So I incorporated some halloween symbols into the type itself and as a fun repeating background pattern, which was a fun challenge to create. I went with a non traditional color pallet, orange and black for Halloween, yeah it’s been (over) done before.

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