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Ventura, Calif.

Ventura is a delightful beach town approximately 60 miles north of Los Angeles. It’s close enough to the metropolis of LA that you can drive there for a concert or a show but far enough that you’re outside the sprawl and trappings of a big city. It feels laidback and down to earth.

I grew up in Orange County but never felt at home there. I was fortunate enough to move out here to go to school at Brooks Institute, and I found my home here. It’s streets and establishments are familiar, people are low-key and friendly, and the weather, oh the weather! Sunny and breezy, a little on the cool side — I hope I never leave!

The design

After doing my Oxnard design, a few people suggesting doing a Ventura one. I lived there for 3 years, when I first moved out to the area, and I love it to this day. After the fires, I wanted to convey a message of strength and hope.

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