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Vive La Frenchie

Vive La Frenchie is the battle cry for all french bulldog lovers. And I now number myself amongst them. (After taking a quick break to google adoptable frenchies in the area) I like my dogs like I like my cars, cute and sub-compact. I just love their tiny little pudgy bodies, their smooshed little faces and their perked up ears. If you could put a corgi’s cotton tail rear on a frenchie, I’d adopt that pup today!

The design

For this design I was thinking about vespas and vintage french posters. Okay, vespas are probably more Italian than french, but you get the idea. I fretted the font choice immensely, and settled on Chantal because it balanced cute and expressive well.

I’m still working on my illustrator chops, so I traced this from a photo using Procreate on the iPad Pro. Tracing my seem like a cop out, but it’s a challenge in it’s own right to simplify a photo into a graphic. I really enjoyed the simplification process and shading this doggo’s cute face.

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