spiffybee pop culture swag Witches Work Only with Magic

Witches Work Only With Magic

Witches work only with magic” is my favorite from one of my favorite movies growing up. I swear, I’ll hear a combination of those words and in my head, or if I’m alone out loud, I’ll recite that line. The quote is from the movie,The Witches, starring Angelica Houston.

The movie is based on a book written by Roald Dahl, author of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, so it’s pretty legit. And apparently there’s a remake in the works, slated for 2020. I’m not a big fan of remakes especially when it’s a nostalgic favorite. But Robert Zemeckis, Anne Hathaway and Octavia Spencer have all signed on, so it’s very capable hands, and frankly I’m excited.

The design

I wanted to create a fun, typography focused look for this design, almost vintage but not completely. And I wanted to include iconography from the movie, to really sell the association, since it’s not a super famous movie or quote.

The mouse that’s hidden in the ‘W’ is borrowed from the movie poster type treatment. The word ‘with’ embedded in a chocolate bar is because magic tainted chocolate bars was part of their master plan. And the bottle is the revolutionary Formula 86 potion invented by the Grand High Witch herself.

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