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This Crazy Ex-Girlfriend tv show tote takes inspiration from the CW Show with 9 different hearts representing songs like “Love Kernels”, “Heavy Boobs” and “Let’s Generalize About Men”.

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This Crazy Ex-Girlfriend tv show tote takes inspiration from the CW Show with 9 different hearts representing songs like “Love Kernels”, “Heavy Boobs” and “Let’s Generalize About Men”. This Crazy ex tote makes a great Crazy Ex gift for any Crazy Ex fan who loves funny show totes, as well as any Rebecca Bunch (a.k.a. Rachel Bloom) fan.

Side effects of using this tote may cause: breaking into spontaneous musical numbers, an illogical desire to move to West Covina, and Soft Pretzel cravings.

There’s nothing trendier than being eco-conscious. So create a design and showcase it on this organic cotton twill tote bag! The large print area and the solid color of the bag are sure to make any design stand out. And the roomy compartment fits groceries, books, and so much more.

* 100% certified organic cotton 3/1 twill
* Fabric weight: 8 oz/yd² (272 g/m²)
* Dimensions: 16” x 14 ½” x 5”
* 1” wide dual straps, 24 1/2″ length
* Open main compartment

Join the ethical fashion movement—turn to custom organic items. Organic cotton products are the result of farming which relies on fertilizers of organic origin, for example, compost manure and uses biological pest control. There are no synthetic substances or genetical modifications used during the production.

TV/Movie Nerd


Designs in this collection are all about TV and Movie pop-culture that shaped my childhood or currently inspire my adulthood. If you’re an 80s kid, you’ll fit right in. These designs often feature memorable quotes, adorable caricatures or even look like logos or shirts characters wore in the show/movie.

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About the Design

Crazy Hearts

I’m just a designer in love with the show Crazy Ex-Girlfriend, I can’t be held responsible for how many of my designs are inspired by this show. (I’m quoting the season 2 opening theme song for any one who may be terribly confused by that sentence.) I could wax poetically for hours on how amazing, unique and inspired this show is.

Here’s my meet cute for th…

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Tiffany Israel - Spiffy Bee Shop

About the Designer

Tiffany Israel

Tiffany Israel is a web developer by day and Etsy shop owner by night/weekend. An intriguing combination of right and left brain sensibility, she engages in creative endeavors like graphic design to appease the left brain that is often un-utilized by geeky coding work.

Tiffany lives in a tiny house on wheels that she built in the summer of 2016. She enjoys working on graphic designing whatever her heart desires from her fold away standing desk in her tiny house or while charing her electric car and sipping on an iced chai latte at the local Starbucks.

A certified foodie, graphic design nerd and 80s kid, Tiffany geeks out about great TV shows and movies. Her design, and pop culture humor derive from her own personal playlist of favorite shows, movies and food.

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    I bought this for my girlfriend and she loves it!

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    My best friend is going to love this!! Such a clever design.

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