Ventura, Calif., Tote


A Ventura CA design that conveys a message of strength and hope for Ventura Beach in the 805. A Ventura tote that’s Ventura Strong!


Locals Only

Locals Only


Designs in this collection feature some of my favorite locals and unique designs that represent the culture and vibe of that town. Don’t settle for a impersonal, tone-def souvenir shirt that looks the same in every city. Instead wear your hometown or favorite vacation spot proudly with a one-of-a-kind design.

Ventura tote on Etsy

Ventura tote on Etsy

Spiffy Bee Shop on Etsy

All of my products can be purchased through my Spiffy Bee Etsy Shop. Etsy is an awesome collaborative marketplace that I enjoy being a part of. And while having a web presence is important (especially someone like me who is a web developer by day), it doesn’t quite take the place of a familiar, trusted marketplace like Etsy. So browse away here and purchase on Etsy. Thank you for shopping!

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About the Designer

Tiffany Israel

Tiffany Israel is a web developer by day and Etsy shop owner by night/weekend. An intriguing combination of right and left brain sensibility, she engages in creative endeavors like graphic design to appease the left brain that is often un-utilized by geeky coding work.

Tiffany lives in a tiny house on wheels that she built in the summer of 2016. She enjoys working on graphic designing whatever her heart desires from her fold away standing desk in her tiny house or while charing her electric car and sipping on an iced chai latte at the local Starbucks.

A certified foodie, graphic design nerd and 80s kid, Tiffany geeks out about great TV shows and movies. Her design, and pop culture humor derive from her own personal playlist of favorite shows, movies and food.

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